Cold Socks.

Warm Hearts.

When we know your property is clear, your staff is safe, and your business is humming along, only then does our team kick off their boots with the pride of a job well done. Before we even move an inch of snow, you’ll already know the answers to “when?” and “how much?” We’ve worked hard to bring innovation, constant communication, and smart efficiencies to snow removal—to give you one less detail to bog down your day—and your budget.



When the first sign of bad weather hits the news, your site-specific response plan tells you it’s already handled.


Like Pop always said, “Success starts with a plan.” We start each project with a plan for you and your needs—including priority areas, cycle times and budget. Once we understand your expectations, we use site take-offs, factor-based estimating and 60-plus years of experience to develop the best operational plan for your project— just as we do with year-round landscaping and site management projects.

To help us meet your needs and expectations, we plug in weather data and site info and follow accepted industry standards. Every step, every event, our goal is to keep you at the center of what we do.



We’ll put snow in its rightful place.
(Out of your way.)


We plow using a host of specialized equipment, from large to small, depending on your property size. Our seasoned team will efficiently and effectively clear your site, putting snow in appropriate locations chosen specifically to eliminate site hazards, safety concerns, and property damage.


To help us meet your needs and expectations, we plug in weather data and site info, and follow accepted industry standards.


Every step, every event, no matter the season or service, our goal is to keep you at the center of what we do.



From shoveling to ice melt, we’ll keep your walks free of snow and ice.


You don’t want accidents on perilous pathways; we’ll reduce your risk factors. Because these services are essential to a comprehensive response plan, we focus heavily on sidewalk security measures. Combining planning, techniques, specialized equipment and effective ice melting materials in the winter, we can manage walkway safety while protecting your site.



From pre-storm to post-storm de-icing applications, we manage icy conditions all while balancing expectations and costs.


Our de-icing solutions offer you more peace of mind. The right materials, combined with proper technique, application rates and timing, help aid in producing safe conditions. And we’ll always keep you informed so you can easily plan your de-icing costs in your year-round property maintenance budget.



We keep you informed and feeling confident, starting with pre-storm alerts to on-the-job updates and full follow-up afterwards.


Before it snows, while we clear, after we’re done. You’ll hear from us by phone, email, and text messages. Some might think it’s an extra courtesy. To us, it’s everyday commonsense consideration—now in snow-clearing season, and with our year-round landscape and site servicing. With data-informed calls and trustworthy follow-through from a reliable partner, you can keep your property and employees safe—and your business running.



We use the same technology as meteorologists—so you know what to expect from the weather and your SNÖ Services partners.


Winter storms mean so much more with a commercial property to consider. That’s why we use the same technology as the National Weather Service now and all year round—to help you plan not just when you’ll need to clear and protect your site, but how it will affect your business’s profitability. You’ll be able to pivot quickly to adjust everything from site safety to heating needs to alerting your staff or building tenants.

We get your challenges.
We speak your language.

And we do the worrying —
so you don’t have to.