We bring a bit of tough
love to your landscape.

Our team only tears off our gloves after we know your property is looking great, is safe, and easy to maintain. You know us for snow services. You can expect the same you-first, eye-on-the-future approach to your landscape needs. We love making the most of your site’s first impression. Especially when it works for you.


For us, it is as much about managing your budget as it is caring for your landscaped surfaces. We will help you limit exposure to increasing maintenance costs by ensuring the right plants are in the right places. As stormwater fees continue to increase, we think about mitigating fees you pay for stormwater-runoff through smart landscaping.


We take a broad view of your landscape—whether it is plants and trees or site work and outdoor building maintenance. We think about it so you don’t have to. Because when your site is attractive, safe and well kept, you can focus on your success.



Your site’s first impression is our first priority.


Landscape design is the foundation to first impressions. Let us help you whisper to your visitors’ subconscious through sustainable design. From formal landscapes, greenbelts and stormwater management—it all sends a powerful message about your own focus on quality and sustainability.


We select materials that are easy to maintain and offer year-round beauty in the seasonal sequence of blooming and growing. Let us help communicate your message through smart, sustainable design.

Arborist Services.


Your job? Enjoy the shade. Our job? Planting, pruning, tree healthcare and removal.


We think about everything that can impact your trees and shrubs—and having us as your partner gives you one less thing to worry about all year-round.


We are on-site, watching season-by-season to be certain each tree thrives. From selection to mature-tree care, we consider both beauty and health. Routine plant-health inspections, customized nutrient and pest control packages, corrective and maintenance pruning are all part of a sustainable, managed Arboriculture program.

Storm Cleanup.


When nature makes a mess, we’re your cleanup crew.


Wind damage, flooding and storm debris can curb your productivity. Knowing SNO Services is your partner can give you back your peace of mind during a damaging weather event. Vac-trucks, wood-chippers, street sweepers for debris removal are just a phone call away when a weather event causes unexpected damage.


Whether you have damage from washout or wind, you can rest easy when our SNO Services team is on the scene for removal of trash and debris.



All plantings need water, but how much? Leave the worry to us.


We manage the flow of water to keep turf and ornamental plants lush and healthy, while working to manage the cost of maintaining your landscape.


From season start up to season shut down, SNO Services manages your plants’ need for water as well as your water bill. Rain sensors ensure that plants show no signs of excessive watering. Routine testing  and monitoring guarantee this technology is installed and operating to provide just the right amount of water. We will adjust in the field for clogged nozzles, misaligned heads and coverage. As always, to keep you informed, we will provide a written status report documenting chronic concerns and options for improvements to system efficiency and long-term sustainability.

Turf Care.


Inviting views signal your success.


The lush and healthy grounds surrounding your property speak volumes to your employees, customers and visitors. Meticulous lawns in hues of deep green are cut with sharp blades, in consistent patterns—a subliminal nod to your own careful approach to the work you do. Let us tend to the seeding, fertilizing, watering and mowing from spring to fall so you can keep your focus on the business at hand.

We get your challenges.
We speak your language.

And we do the worrying —
so you don’t have to.