Our Company

Innovative Technology.

Measurable Results.

SNO Services combines custom technology with 60-plus years of professional expertise to change the world of property maintenance. As a responsible partner in your company’s success, we offer reliable data and real time communication to demonstrate the results that drive every decision. We select our relationships based on smart reporting and integrity. We offer you trustworthy evidence that each job has been done according to your expectations.

We’re Prepared to Manage and Operate on Your Site.

Using technology, we access all aspects of your project in seconds. We have every detail of your location mapped out, complete with the square footage of every surface in our care. We have every material we will need and an assignment of every piece of equipment that is used to complete the work. We are tracking every minute and every action to provide accurate billing soon after an event is complete.


With your scope of work and our plan, we efficiently manage to ensure your project is completed on time and within budgetKnowing exactly where you stand, you can have the confidence to keep moving ahead when unforeseen circumstances arise.


What’s more, we know our responsibilities and your expectations.  We don’t leave until we’re happy. So you’ll be happy.

Real-time Relationships